Photo courtesy of Ken Lund, licensed under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 license

Life in Washington City, Utah

Washington City has been known as Utah’s Dixie since the earliest settlers arrived more than 100 years ago. The gorgeous red rock landscape makes it one of the most favored suburbs of the region.

Located in the southwest corner of Utah, Washington City covers approximately 65 square miles. Washington
City has approximately 21,000 residents and has experienced moderate growth in recent years.

Its quaint character is enjoyed by the residents, nearly 21,000 in all, who all enjoy its ideal climate with negligible humidity and moderate temperatures throughout the year. The sun never stops shining! There is a wide variety of recreational activities such as walking, 4-wheeling, hiking and biking trails as well as tennis and golf.

In addition, Washington City has a dozen beautiful public parks. They feature pavilions that are available for rent, modern playground equipment, wildlife, greenery and historical memorabilia. There is even a park just for dogs.

Here are some of the parks you can enjoy in Washington City:

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