The Community of St. George Utah

The St. George area is one of the most beautiful places in the country to live. With a year-round mild climate, its residents love to take advantage of the many benefits of living in Southern Utah. Running, biking, golf, tennis, hiking, and the National Parks are just a few of the activities that make St. George perfect for your active lifestyle.

St. George sits at an elevation of about 3,000 feet above sea level and is located between the towns of Santa Clara and Ivins to the west and Washington City to the east. The downtown area includes  the historic Ancestor Square, Dixie State College, the Dixie Convention Center and the Dixie Regional Medical Center. All are located in a valley surrounded by red sandstone cliffs and spectacular views.

St.George is most commonly known for its world-renowned landscape. Red sandstone mesas border the city to the north, while lava peaks shadow the city’s center.  You can see the edges of the Mojave Desert to the northeast and the beautiful Pine Vally Mountain rests over the city to the north. Zion National Park is also visible to the horizon in the east. The weather has more in common with the deserts that surround Utah than with the cold northern part of the state, with warm summers and little or no snow during the winter seasons.

The wonderful community of St. George is located about 120 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, and about 300 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. The St. George area rapidly grew in the 1970s, growing more than 90% in just ten years. Since 1990 St. George has become one of the fastest expanding city’s in America. It became popular first as a retirement destination then later as a tourist destination to Utah’s many beautiful National Parks. St. George currently has a population of about 134,000.



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