BACK TO SCHOOL…What a great time of year!!!

As a former Middle School Principal this is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the energy as staff comes back into the building excited about a new year and new adventures!  I love the energy from kids who are nervous about a new school or new teachers.  I particularly love the parents energy as some are excited for their children and others are nervous for the new beginning for their child.

One of my favorite commercials was a Staples commercial that had a student moping down the aisle and the parent was kicking up her heels as they strode down each aisle picking up new school supplies for the child.  The message in this, of course, is that the parent was excited about school and the child was not.  My 14 years in education taught me that most of us are excited about the new start and yet there are many worries that come into play for each new year.  Will I make friends?  Will my teachers like me?  Will I find my class rooms?  What do I wear?  Should I try out for a sport or activity at the school?  (this answer is YES!!!)

Enjoy the start of the new school year and take an extra meoment with those kids to embrace the excitement and the fears that come with each new start.  Susan